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2019 D2 Recreational Cup Tournament Playing RulesPrintable

The tournament is for recreational teams registered in D2 only. The winner of each age group will advance to the WYSA Recreational Cup State portion of the tournament to be played December 7/8 and 14/15 (2019).

Each team will play a minimum of two games.
A Coach or Team Representative must attend the mandatory information meeting on October 2nd.

All games will be played under current "WYSA Rules of Competition" unless stated herein.

It shall be the responsibility of each team to maintain proper spectator conduct. At no time shall foul or abusive language be permitted at any field.

Teams will be drawn by blind draw (no seeding) and placed into brackets within their age groups. For district play, preliminary round matches can end in a tie game. In the district quarterfinals and beyond, every game will be played to a winner. In the event that a game is tied at the end of regulation play, there will be two equal overtime periods of 5 minutes each. If the game is still tied after the two overtime periods, the FIFA recommendation of taking kicks from the mark will be applied to determine a winner.

Scoring during Preliminary Rounds:

  • 6 Points will be awarded to the winner
  • 3 Points will be awarded to each team in case of a tie
  • 1 Point will be awarded per goal (maximum of 3 to a game)
  • 1 Point for a shutout (including a shutout tie).

Teams will be in a group of 3, 4, or 5 teams depending on entry numbers. Teams in 4 and 5 team groups WILL NOT play everyone in the group.
In the event that a team forfeits, the other team will be awarded 9 points, the equivalent of a 2-0 shutout [per WSYSA Rule 606.B.3(e)].

Ties in Bracket standings will be resolved as follows:

  • Head to head
  • Least goals allowed
  • Most goals scored (maximum 3 per game).
  • Coin toss

The home team, as indicated on the game schedule, is responsible for changing color of team uniforms in the event of a color conflict.

Both teams will bring a regulation game ball to each match and will supply the referee of each game a completed District 2 Game Roster sheet and membership passes (player cards) for each player on the roster and each team official.

Both teams are to report the score on the District 2 website (logon; go to Coach:Scores). Instructions for the next game times, dates and locations are on the schedule.


Any infraction or violation of these rules may result in:

  1. Ineligibility of a player or team for tournament play;
  2. Forfeiture of a game (or games).

The WYSA penalty code of the WYSA Premier League Operating Procedures and Rules of Competition will be used as a guideline for assessment of any infraction or violation.

Any player or coach who receives three (3) cautions during the tournament will be suspended for one (1) game. Any player or coach who receives an ejection from a game will be suspended from the next game. These are minimum penalties. More severe action may be taken if warranted.


Notify the Referee of your intent to protest at end of game.

$100.00 fee, refundable if the protest is upheld, cash or money order.

In writing and submitted within 72 hours of the completion of the match.

A judgment call is not protestable

Last Updated 8/28/2019

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