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D2's Policy Concerning 'Playing Down'Printable

At the February 28, 2007 District II BOD meeting, the Board of Directors approved the following policy concerning requests to play one level below true soccer age:

For play within WSYSA District II, a player may request an allowance to play down on a team that is registered at an age level that is no more than one age level below the player's actual WSYSA registration age. Only requests for medical reasons will be reviewed. The player must have registered with their association and must provide written documentation from the player's physician which includes an explanation of the medical condition, a statement as to how the condition may relate to the player's inability or significant disadvantage to play soccer at age level and a statement of recommendation that the player be allowed to play soccer on a team that is registered at an age level that is no more than one age level below the player''s actual WSYSA registration age. All of the player's lawful parents/guardians must sign a 'Hold Harmless' agreement.

The allowance request with all required documentation must be submitted to the WSYSA District II Board of Directors prior to July 15. The WSYSA District II Board of Directors will review any such properly completed and delivered requests and will make a decision either of approval or denial. If approval is granted, this play down will only be in effect for one season and will take effect for the season that is already in progress or if approved between seasons for the next immediate season forthcoming.

In the event a player is granted an approval and allowance to play down, the team for which the player is assigned and rostered will play during the regular District II league season at the level of its oldest player excepting any player for whom the play down request is granted. The team may be required to play in any tournaments (within or without of District II) for which it elects to register (in compliance with the sponsoring tournament rules) at the level of its oldest player as defined by WSYSA rules without exception for any player that is registered and rostered.

Process for Application

1. Register with your Association
2. Provide your Association with the necessary documents named above
3. Association forwards paperwork together with a cover letter and copy of the player's registration form (registration form should include the hold harmless language) to District II
4. Complete packet is mailed to WSYSA District II, 704 228th Avenue NE, #276, Sammamish, WA 98074 postmarked no later than July 15th. (Packets received later than this date run the risk of not being reviewed prior to the start of the fall season resulting in a possible loss of matches for the player.)
5. District II BOD will review request at its next BOD meeting and then notify the Association of its decision.

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