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What Teams Participate in District II Leagues?Printable

What Teams Participate in District II Leagues?

What Teams Participate in D2 Leagues?

Good question. The short answer is:

U13 to U19 recreational teams formed within one of the four (4) District II Associations that desire a local League.

If you are a player or a parent of a player that is rostered to a U13 through U19 recreational team within one of the WSYSA District II Associations, you are probably registered for play within one of the District II Leagues.

The District II Associations are Eastside (EYSA), Lake Washington (LWYSA), Northshore (NYSA), and Snoqualmie Valley (SnVYSA) Youth Soccer Associations. If you would like to see a pictorial representation of where District II is geographically in relation to the other WSYSA Districts, click ->Going

If you are seeking information about the District II Associations, please have a look at our Information: Associations page by clicking the More indicator ->Going

Which Days Do Teams Play in District II Leagues?

Good question. Generally, the answer is:

Boys U13 and Girls U13, U14 and U15 play on Saturday.

Boys U14 through U19 and Girls U16 through U19 play on Sunday.

Having said that, because of field issues that occur in November, LWYSA and NYSA many times have to move their November home matches to earlier in the season. This means you can expect that there will be some mid-week matches.

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