District II
Challenge CupChallenge Cup
Commissioner's CupCommissioner's Cup
Championship CupChampionship Cup
People of the YearPeople of the Year
Recreational CupRecreational Cup


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District IIDistrict II provides District wide support for several WSYSA-> programs (most of which occur on an annual basis). Additional information is available on our site about:

Challenge Cup
A post-Season tournament primarily for P2 placing 5th or below and P3 teams and U13 WSYL teams placing 5th or below (first calendar quarter, each year)
Commissioner's Cup
A post-Season tournament primarily for P3, Developmental and Select teams (first calendar quarter, each year)
Championship Cup
A post-Season tournament primarily for P1 and upper level P2 teams (first calendar quarter, each year)
The Olympic Development Program is a competitive program to train and identify Washington State Players interested in representing the State from a National standpoint
People of the Year
A recognition program, intended to recognize those individuals within our area that are performing above and beyond their basic responsibilities in servicing the District II: Youth.
Recreational Cup
A tournament for Recreational Teams. The 'District' portion of this tournament runs concurrently with the fall season. The State finals are in December. (fourth calendar quarter, each year)

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