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The following information is presented to you as documentation for how and why our site displays Schedule Information (see Leagues: Schedules) in the manner that it does. If the mechanism for locating where and when your TeamTeam plays still confuses you after reading this, please contact your Association Scheduling personnel for a more personal explanation.


The process of scheduling District IIDistrict II Teams is a long and complicated process involving multiple Associations, Clubs, and other administrative groups (the WSYSA, local school districts, etc.). One of the key issues we're faced with each year is how to schedule Matches between District II Teams grouped into various Divisions across our member Associations, but still permit Association control over exactly when and where the match will actually be played (the member Associations actually manage and allocate their own Fields, District II does not do this).


Each District II MatchMatch has associated with it multiple data elements (a unique Number, Division, Date, Time, Teams, etc.) and an element called the "Source". The Source value identifies where participating District II organizations will look to find the specific Date, Time, and Field assignments for a given District II Match. Our general rule has been to establish the Source as the same location that is responsible for assigning Referees to the Match, but this is only our general approach and does not necessarily apply to every Match.

That said, the Match Source value can be any of the following:

District II Matches for Mercer Island and non-District II Teams
EKCSRA LWYSA, SnVYSA, and most EYSA Matches

This means that if you are requesting information about a District II Match that has a Source value that is not District II, the District II Site has to contact the other organization to obtain the related Date, Time, and Field. This "contact" IS a scheduled activity (NOT Real-Time), which means that the data is retrieved and posted to District II on a regular basis but not every time you access the page.

Graphical representation of Source values

What YOU must understand!!

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you understand that displays from the District II Site will contain the actual Date and Time you requested the display. Therefore, if you "Print" a copy, it WILL be correct as of that point in time, but the Date, Time, and Field allocation (the "Source" data) for any Matches that are displayed/printed ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE by the hosting Organization at their defined Source at any time prior to the scheduled Match Time. We DO request that any Association that changes one of these elements less than 4 days prior to the Match use their own internal processes and personnel to contact opposing Coaches (but this is up to the Association to implement).

Check your Match Date, Time, and Field just prior to your scheduled Match!

If you have any last minute concerns, contact the opposing Coach to confirm that you are both going to the same Field, on the same Date and at the same Time. Remember, we all live and play in the Pacific Northwest and the weather has a way of intervening and requiring last minute field changes. It's our hope that this Source process and the District II Site's approach will help everyone deal with the inevitable last minute changes we must all learn to live with (and play through).

Now...go enjoy the Game!

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